Automatic Backpulse Systems using
GORE-TEX Membranes

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS is the sole Australian company to design and build equipment to utilise this unique filtration surface. These units can be used to remove solids from various process and waste streams from small to very large scale. They are of particular use in removal of carry over fines from thickeners or instead of thickeners in the mineral processing industry. They bring the benefits of membrane filtration to large scale industrial filters and combine the fine particle removal properties of membranes with the durability of high strength felts at equal or better flow rates.

GORE-TEX Membrane
Polypropylene woven cfm cloth
Polypropylene feltglazed 1.3 cfm cloth

The system uses expanded GORE-TEX membrane filter cloths which can be shaped into tubular filters that act as liquid baghouses. Very fine solids are filtered to form an agglomerated cake on the surface of the membrane.

In this type of filtration, differential pressure across the filter is limited to around 100 Kpa, and cake removal is by momentary flow reversal (pulsing), which takes only one to three seconds. Filtration starts almost immediately after pulsing and is virtually continuous. Suspended solids which have been consolidated into a cake during filtration settle rapidly to the bottom of the filter vessel where they are periodically discharged as a high density slurry.

The objective of this mode of filtration is to operate at low filter pressures and short cake removal times. Because cake removal time may only be a few seconds filtration cycle times may be as short as four or five minutes and filter cakes as thin as 0.1 mm. The GORE-TEX membrane filter cloths make this possible through their very fine pore size which permits surface filtration and their slippery surface which aids cake release.

50 M2 Backpulse Unit installed at nickel refinery to remove nickel carbonate from thickener overflow


  • Membrane Filtration at Cheaper than Thickener Prices

  • Higher Filtration Rates / much higher permeability to pore size ratio / excellent cake release

  • Submicron Particle Retention / lowest product losses / brilliant filtrate clarity

  • Longer Cloth Life / membrane backed by high tensile felts / excellent cake release

  • Excellent Chemical and Heat Resistance


  • For clean up of thickener overflows or instead of a thickener or other filter. Best with inorganic particulates including metal salts such as nickel, copper, zinc, cobalt, tin, uranium, etc as carbonates, sulphides, oxides etc

  • Filtration of amalgam solutions, scrubber fly ash solutions, brine derived from rock salt

  • Filtration of caustic white liquor in pulp mills

    GORE-TEX is a registered trade mark of W.L. Gore & Associates

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