Cavitation Air Flotation (CAF)

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS is a manufacturing licensee of the CAF Cavitation Air Flotation process developed by HydroCal INC USA.


CAF is the best means of separating oils and greases, deformable and slimy solids or other floatable materials which tend to block a fine filter. Small to very large flow rates can be treated very cost effectively.


The system consists of a rectangular tank with five main sections as follows:
  • Aeration chamber with cavitation aerator(s)
  • Flotation section
  • Solids discharge channel with screw auger
  • Clear water discharge channel and weir
  • Bottom hoppers or auger for heavy solids removal (if required)


  • High Efficiency : ~98% suspended solids removal rates are common

  • Stability: Easily handles fluctuating feed rates and solids loadings

  • Capital Savings: Simplicity in design means no recirculation pumps etc. This results in a capital cost significantly less than other flotation systems.

  • Low Running Costs: Only 2.25 kW per aerator (1/10 that of a DAF)

  • System Sizes: 3 KL/hr to 1.1 ML / hr standard systems and larger custom units available

  • Low Maintenance: Long life parts and few moving parts

  • Materials: Stainless steel or epoxy coated mild steel


Pulp and paper wastewater treatment: 94-99% removal of fibre
Dairy wastes: 95% removal of suspended solids 94% removal of fats
Blue Green algae: 95% removal of algae
Meat Processing: 97% removal of fats, 92% removal of suspended solids
Heavy/Crude Oil Recovery: 99.8% removal of oils
Industrial Laundry: 99% removal of oils, 99% removal of suspended solids
Chicken Processing Plant: 91% removal of suspended solids
Fish processing plant: 97% removal of oils, 97% removal of suspended solids

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