Filter Bags and Baskets

supplies the full range of Rosedale Products filtration equipment. This ranges from simple, single bag filter housings to sophisticated multi-housing automatic washing units. Materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and exotic alloys. The product range includes:

  • Single and multi bag or cartridge housings

  • Duplex systems

  • Manifolded systems for non-stop operation

  • Automatic backwashing systems

  • Manual backwashing systems

  • Bag type sanitary service filters

  • Cartridge type sanitary service filters

  • Paint and coating filters

  • Bulk loading filters

  • Giardia filtration systems

  • Vibrating filters for sieving of jelly-like materials

  • Activated carbon and other sorbent containment systems

  • Replacement bags, cartridges and baskets

Filtration Solutions Pty Ltd
PO Box 86 BOWRAL NSW 2576 Australia
Tel + 61 2 4872 2000 Fax + 61 2 4872 2099

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