Hydrometallurgy Products

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS is a representative of SpinTek Systems of California, designers and suppliers of innovative hydrometallurgy products.


These units provide organic free and filtered electrolyte in SX plants. They use two separate layers of media for coalescing and filtration. The upper layer provides organic removal down to 2 ppm while the second media layer filters the electrolyte to 10 microns.


These units are designed to provide excellent organic recovery and electrolyte filtering for the solvent extraction market. They operate at five times the flow rate of traditional SX filters. Two layers of media are used for final organic coalescing and filtration to 10 microns. They are particularly suited to copper solvent extraction.


These units are designed to provide excellent aqueous recovery from the organic phase in SX plants. This improves the operating efficiency of the plant and reduces the migration of dissolved salts and minerals into the electrolyte.

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