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A passive surface water intake screen is a submerged static filter without the need for any working components. It acts as a a filter to protect a pumping station against floating debris, or is used as a coarse primary filter.


A very low entrance velocity (0.1m/sec), a very high open area (up to 80%) and a non clogging surface are the main parameters in the design of a single or double cylinder intake screen. Staring with the flow rate, the open area and the slot entrance velocity we design the best arrangement keeping in mind that the screen diameter must be less than half the available water depth. Multiple systems can be supplied for large flow rates.

Installation Cost

As the concept does not require extensive civil works the passive surface water intake screen is one of the most economical types of intake systems.

Running Cost

The only running cost is the supply of air for a compressed air backwash.

Environmental Issues

being a passive intake screen it is almost invisible beneath the surface. The slot velocity is so ow that aquatic life is unaffected.


Stainless steel 304,316 317LN Duplex or Superduplex alloys, Copper-Nickel (70-30) Monel, Titanium


A wide variety of custom wedgewire filtration components including centrifugal or static baskets, membrane and filter cloth support elements, on line traps, replacement drums and flat screens can be supplied.

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