Rotary Slant Screens

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS supplies high quality Rotary Slant screens. These screens are installed directly into a wastewater channel and filter solids through a special curved screen. Solids are lifted by a slowly rotating washing brush out of the channel into a receiver.


  • Installs on the current waterway and is easy to mount

  • Uses a special screen for high capacity in limited space

  • Simple structure for low costs

  • Strong corrosion resistant material (SST 304 & SST 316) for nearly permanent system life

  • Polymeric gear coupling applied in the drive unit for low noise.

  • Primary in channel filter for sewage treatment plants (10.0 mm)
  • Primary wastewater treatment in piggeries (1.0mm)
  • Other in situ industrial wastewater treatment (0.5-3.0 mm)
  • In channel filtration of aquaculture flows (under 1.2 mm)

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