Outlet Basket - Scale Trap


To retain the media (catalyst, zeolite etc) inside the vessel and to maximise the outlet flow, the best solution is to install a wedgewire basket.

Solid / gas separations
Catalytic processes

Our wedgewire outlet baskets offer a very high resistance to collapse and temperature and less plugging or clogging when compared to the conventional combination of woven wire and perforated plate.


A set of distributor baskets or scale traps have a threefold function:
  • to trap scale coming from installation and service and thus
    avoid bed contamination
  • to increase the bed intersurface contact of the gas or liquid
  • to avoid surface cokeing
Hydrogenation processes

A set of several concentric rings of baskets are located at the top of the reactor. the baskets are individually fixed to the ring and the usual basket dimensions are from 120mm to 200mm in diameter and 500 mm to 900 mm in height. The slot openings usually vary from 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm.

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