Profilecheck Screen Basket Monitoring Service

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS offers a screen basket monitoring service mainly aimed at the pulp and paper industry. This is the only service of its type offered anywhere in the world and is exclusive to Filtration Solutions.

Pressure screen baskets are monitored using very accurate techniques on a regular basis and recommendations made on wear of contoured surfaces and need for replacement or refurbishment. Very significant savings result from this service.

Pressure screen baskets are a vital part of any pulp and paper mill, but little is generally known about their condition. When screens are changed it is usually through catastrophic failure or through excessive wear to the profile or aperture. This wear exhibits itself through poor throughput or poor fibre fractionation.

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS Profilecheck Screen Basket Monitoring Service not only ensures that screens are in optimum condition at all times, but greatly reduces the frequency of replacement.

Screens are examined on a regular negotiated interval using very accurate custom techniques and reports are provided of each screen’s condition. Before wear is excessive, screens are refurbished under rigorous conditions then rechecked before use.

The above screen profile (right) shows chipping of the chromium coating at the top of the profile, a precursor of major wear. Such a screen can be refurbished at minimal cost.

Typically, the cost of refurbishment is less than one tenth that of a new screen ... and results are excellent. The annual cost of the service for the entire mill is only a fraction of the cost of a single screen basket.

  • The monitoring service requires an initial visit from our staff which includes training in some aspects of the procedure. The ongoing service does not require on site visits but involves close contact with mill staff.

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