Screen Presses

FILTRATION SOLUTIONS supplies high quality Screen Presses for concentration and dewatering of various waste materials. Wastes are pressed and dehydrated by a progressive screw inside a wedgewire screen. Dehydrated solid wastes are discharged through the outlet while separated fluid is discharged through the screen. The presses are particularly suitable for dewatering of livestock manure or concentration to spadeability of fibrous sludges.

  • Low water content in the spadeable solids output

  • Small installation space

  • Savings in treatment costs due to lowering of water content

  • Clean surroundings from enclosed unit

  • High treatment capacity (2-10 m3/hr) and durability (stainless steel construction)

Liquids usually containing 4-10% solids as follows:

  • Dehydration of drum screen waste matter

  • Concentration of solids in pulp and paper mills (30-40%),

  • Dehydration of livestock manure (20-35%)

  • Dehydration of abattoir waste (20-30%)

  • Dehydration of tannery waste (25-30%)

  • Dehydration of chicken processing waste (20-35%)

  • Simultaneous treatment of manure, waste matter, and grains (20-30%)

  • Concentration of wastes from food, fruit peels, and waste from other manufacturing processes (15-35%)

  • Concentration of sewage and activated sludge (20-30%)

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