Wedgewire Vessel Internals and Related

Refining and petrochemical designers request highly specified vessel internals, able to withstand and operate in extreme conditions of temperature, differential pressure and high flow rate.

The V profile or wedgewire separation media, which is a continuous slot opening surface is specifically designed for these very severe conditions.

The advantages of using wedgewire media include:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Self supporting structure
  • Absolute micron rating
  • Slot opening from 50 microns
  • High open area
  • Non clogging surface
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Minimal operational cost
FILTRATION SOLUTIONS is a partner with EUROSLOT of France in designing and supplying high quality vessel internals.

Support Grids
Outer Basket - Scallop - Centre Pipe
Headers and Laterals
Outlet Basket - Scale Trap
Nozzle Plate

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